Communities defend the Public Health Alcohol Bill from attack by ‘Big Alcohol’ lobbying machine

Communities rally support for Public Health Alcohol Bill – The Phoenix (04 Nov 16) exposes intensive lobbying of senators by the alcohol industry Local communities across the country are fighting back against the lobbying force of ‘Big Alcohol’ before senators vote on the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill.  Amid growing fears that key health elements of the Bill…

Cutting edge research in California examines how neuroscience can inform addiction and recovery

Researchers for the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) are currently exploring the brain circuitry involved in alcohol addiction giving a fascinating insight into the impact of alcohol use on brain activity. “Understanding the impact of alcohol use at a brain level is a significant part of our efforts to combat the growing harms associated with alcohol in Ireland,…

Medics Warn Over Alcohol Consumption

As our national day of binge drinking, aka St Patrick’s Day, rolls around, the Irish medical community is warning about the serious health impacts of excessive alcohol consumption.

While St Patrick’s Day is a great day of celebration for young and old, alcohol has long played a central role in celebrations. Every year there are scenes of extreme drunkenness in the media and a spike in attendances at emergency departments (EDs) due to heavy drinking during our national holiday.